Sunday, March 4, 2007

S - O - C - K - S

Hmmm, well here I am with my very own blog...and all I set out to do was comment on a post that Connie from Pickup Sticks had posted about my sock yarn collecting. Yep, folks, I have to say that I am in 'collector' category. However, I do also knit up socks to wear with my Crocs, now almost the ONLY shoe that I will wear. I have other shoes, but once I put on a pair of Crocs about a year & a half ago, that was IT for the rest of the shoe wardrobe.
Since I am an inveterate collector, it stands to reason that I also have collected all the crocs I could get my hands on & now am the proud owner of 33 pair of Cayman model every conceivable color. (I still need white, lavender, and cranberry).

When one has such lovely footgear, one needs socks to go with them....well crocs aren't really all that lovely, they are actually a bit on the oogly side, but the colors are splendid. About a year ago I began knitting socks to go with all my crocs and to date have about 55 pair that I wear with them......they are of course my.............croc socks!
I know, I know....beat me with a wet sock.